D&G: Una Favola Siciliana

D&G: Una Favola SicilianaNarrative, Fashion

Domenico Dolce
Stefano Gabbana
Stefania Auci
Salvo Piparo
Lucia Trigilia
Antonio Calbi
Mons. Alberto Rocca
Francesco Italia
Florence Müller
Carol Woolton
Lina Campisi
Salvatore Sapienza
Antonio Bevilacqua
Giuseppe Bevilacqua
Antonio Ferrara
Agostino Ferrara
directed by
Beppe Tufarulo
written by
Gabriele Scotti
Beppe Tufarulo
executive producers TLF
Daniele Gentili
Beppe Tufarulo
executive producers SKY ARTE
Barbara Frigerio
Alessandra Sachespi
about the project

For Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana Sicily is magic: the starting point of a passion made of beauty, history and myth. This film illustrates the intimate and almost magical bond between the Dolce&Gabbana world and Sicily, a land of strength that has always been an absolute source of inspiration for the two stylists.

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